The First Week of Miami Ad School in Review

It’s been a pretty crazy week.

In the past few weeks, I got out of a long-term relationship, moved apartments, quit my job, and finished my first week of class. I kind of turned my life over on its head.

So far, classes at Miami Ad School are good. Here’s the schedule:

Mondays: Idea Presentation taught by Adam Scher. Adam seems like a super cool guy who’s had experience doing a lot of cool stuff. Check out his website.

Tuesdays: Video Storytelling taught by Michael Lawrence. Like Adam, Michael is doing a lot of really cool stuff. From shooting a documentary in Bali to cutting music videos in Brooklyn to shooting/cutting/editing travel shorts for a travel site, Michael has a shit-ton of experience and really knows his chops.

Wednesdays: Thinking Strategically with Michael Chatfield. Michael’s an ex-account planner who started working for MAS NYC full time on the MAS Pro Program (more on that later). He’s got a ton of agency experience with some big clients.

Thursdays: Storytelling with Ashley Lapin (who works as a copywriter at The Concept Farm). Ashley’s super smart (and I’m not writing that because she’s reading this). I was lucky enough to audit her class last quarter while I was thinking of attending MAS–in a way it was her class that convinced me to attend.

That’s M-TH, right now. Classes are usually from 7-10 (with the exception of Tuesdays from 4-7). We also have a speaker (“industry hero”) come in Mondays at 5:30 to come speak to us. It’s pretty cool. We’ve met Adam Kerj from 360i and the guys from Shaolin Jazz.

Stay tuned for more.


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